Missional Communities

“If you focus on doing church, you rarely get disciples. But if you build disciples, you always get the church!” (Mike Breen)

We are called to make disciples of all nations, yet most of us know that many churches are not effectively doing this, however effective they are at attracting, gathering and inspiring a large crowd.

To make authentic disciples requires re-examining some of the ways we spend time as church and asking what is working and what isn’t.

In Sept 2015 we launched our first ever Missional Communities. We have called them: “Journey” and “Legacy”.

Journey” aims particularly to build relationships with people who are displaced or less connected, such as RAF families and the growing international communities in Lincoln.

Legacy” aims to gather and equip young people and students to live fully for God and create multigenerational family church communities.

We have been inspired by some of the approaches of the churches in the missional communities movement, birthed out of Sheffield. In particular we love the ways they have found of  bringing together high quality discipleship, fun community life and a shared, relational approach to reaching out to our friends and community contacts. If we are followers of Jesus, we want to become like him in his love for the Heavenly Father, his love for the disciples (now the church) and his love for people separated from God. Balancing these 3 loves – upwards, inwards and outwards – helps us grow into mature disciples of Christ.

We see missional communities as great vehicles to take us on a shared journey of becoming authentic, radical followers of Jesus. But we are expecting it to be a whole heap of fun – so, picture, if you will, a top-of-the-range American RV (recreational mega-vehicle), instead of a rusty Ford Fiesta (ouch!)

Missional Communities (compared to regular mid-week groups) tend to be larger, more diverse, eat more food, share better down-time more often, actually engage on effective relational mission, provide a great framework for dynamic and effective discipleship in triplets and quartets – to mention some of the many positives!

This is a great time to get on board with us at Grace Church Lincoln….



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