At Grace Church Lincoln, Jesus is at the centre of all that we do.  We are excited about learning to follow Him really closely.  We naturally want to help others discover Jesus and experience his kindness for themselves.  We believe it’s important to make this adventure as accessible as possible, starting with relaxed and friendly Sunday Celebrations.  

We have discovered that experiencing God’s mercy and grace is a lifestyle not a one-off event. We want to respond well to God’s love by accepting, encouraging and honouring one another.  We are convinced this will build community that is authentic, adventurous and devoted to God. Our aim is to be a family of great friends who show hospitality to visitors the way that Jesus would.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon!

Learning English

Jigsaw is a group for international women who want to make friends and learn or improve their English. There is a crèche for young children, refreshments and a range of activities. It is free of charge and all women are welcome.

Loving the City

We are hosting free Community Lunch events after some of our Sunday Celebrations. These are a great way to bring the community together, share life and make new friends. Everyone is welcome.

Grace Community Life

We meet during the week as well as Sundays. We share meals, have fun and help each other learn to be more effective followers of Jesus. Ask us at our Sunday Celebrations about how you can be part of Missional Community life.