Grand Designs Starts This Sunday

On Sunday 18th Sept we're starting an
exciting new series entitled 'Grand Designs'

Do you ever find yourself asking, "God, what are you doing?!?" Join in with us as we discover answers to this and many other questions, that will shift our Sundays and re-wire our week!

Missional Communities

Launched in Sept 2015 - a dynamic new way of being disciples, community and on mission.

Check out our "discipleship" and "missional community" talk series online for a flavour of what they're about. Better still, come along to one of our community gatherings or meals.

Big Hello to Students

Welcome to Lincoln - we're looking forward to meeting many of you as you start your new chapter in our great city!

We’re enjoying exploring how to do life as 'Missional Communities' – perfect for building community, enjoying life, growing your faith and helping your friends connect, too.

Why not try them out and see if they are for you?